Michelle “Paulene” Abeyta is a member of the Navajo Nation and is from To’hajiilee, New Mexico and continues to reside there today with her husband Chad and their children. Paulene is a life-long member of the Democratic party and a proud graduate of Emerge New Mexico’s Class of 2017. Her education, work experience, and leadership on various boards embody the spirit of public service. Paulene’s academic credentials include a diverse field of study. She holds an Associate Degree in Hospitality & Tourism with honors and a certificate in Judicial Studies from Central New Mexico Community College. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree summa cum laude from the University of New Mexico where she double majored in Native American Studies and Communication with a minor in Geography. Paulene holds a Juris Doctor degree with a certificate in Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy from the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law. 

Her public service includes the To’hajiilee Community School Board of Education and the National Native American Bar Association Board. Her prior board service includes representation on the Woman, Infants & Children (WIC) Board for the Acoma-Canoncito-Laguna Service Unit, the Canoncito Band of Navajos Health Center, Inc. Board, and the National Native American Law Students Association. 

Paulene’s passion for helping others and advocating for the best interest stems from the cultural teachings passed to her by her maternal grandmother. Paulene’s perspective is influenced by her work within and beyond her community. 

Paulene's Vision

Paulene envisions a New Mexico where every resident has access to quality education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. She believes in fostering strong, sustainable communities that respect and incorporate cultural heritage and values. Paulene's dedication to her community and her proven leadership skills make her an ideal candidate for New Mexico State House District 69.

To’hajiilee, New Mexico